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Well… I guess it will soon be my time to join the millions of other Americans who need to go on anti-depressant meds.  Not quite sure what my pill of choice will be, or what to expect.  There’s a first time for everything, right?  Right.

The funny thing is… I feel a strange sense of defeat.  It’s almost as though my male ego registers any form of outside help as being somehow negative — which explains why most guys drop dead quicker than women, I suppose.  From what I’ve heard (and no, I don’t speak for ALL guys… just myself, truthfully), guys, in general, avoid doctors and will not admit there is a problem until whatever their issue is has morphed into a snarling, 1,000 lb. Sasquatch in the corner which cannot be ignored.

I’m currently scooping up the poop of my own ‘Sasquatch’, and trying to repair all of the ceilings in my life and in my relationships that ‘he’ has demolished with his pointy, ape-like head.  Sigh.  How did things get so f****ed up, and why did I allow it to go on for so long?  Good questions.  Ultimately, I am responsible, and thankfully, I’m doing the responsible thing — GETTING HELP.

My wife has put up with my insanity for far too long now.  The burden has been unevenly distributed upon her, and I can see, for the first time really, how unfair it all is.  We all have our own ‘demons’ in life — anyone out there who claims to be NORMAL and TOGETHER is in heavy denial.  The irony is, we often don’t see it… or we cannot grasp the notion that we are disfunctional until our own friends or family perform an intervention on our behalf.  I’m still reeling from my ‘intervention’… coming to terms with all of the problems I have that I just don’t see.

For all of you out there battling your own ‘demons’, keep up the fight.  I salute you.

Best Regards,
~Papa D


The WGA Writer’s Strike… My Thoughts. December 21, 2007

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Oh well… guess I picked the wrong year to try and promote my most recent efforts — DAMN.

Actually, that attitude was how I felt before I knew any better.  It was an uninformed knee-jerk, and I was a jerk for thinking it.  I hope the writers are successful in elevating their status and in gaining a better piece of the pie.  Having attempted to do what they do (at least the writing part — I still haven’t pitched anything or promoted a page of it), I have a deep appreciation for the time, effort, and love that goes into their work.  Any great movie has an amazing script to thank for its very existence.  Directors… producers… actors… special effects wizards… all these folks would be staring into space if it weren’t for the brushstrokes (or keystrokes) of a true visionary to guide their interpretations.  Writers create the worlds — everyone else simply interprets.  A script in the hands of a gifted crew can be rendered into a timeless classic.  Like “Raiders of the Lost Ark” for example.  If you’ve ever read the Lawrence Kasden script for it, it’s a fun read!  And director Spielberg’s interpretation of it was wonderful — over 20 years later, it still stands alone as my favorite all-time movie experience.  What 10-year-old boy didn’t want to be “Indiana Jones” back in 1981?!

I wish the strikers all the best.  And I hope to be able to promote my own humble efforts whenever the smoke clears — with a deep sense of appreciation for the sacrifices and the fortitude of real writers picketing today for the rest of us.

~Papa D.

Just Throwing It Out There… December 21, 2007

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It’s easy…

It’s easy to get so self-absorbed that one forgets how many others must be going through similar stresses and strains.

It’s easy to lose sight of ones dreams, especially when one perceives the world is set up to extinguish them all (I know… this is hardly TRUTH… but it is perception).

It’s easy to forget what’s truly important, and instead become a slave to what isn’t.

It’s easy…

This time around, I’m going as “Papa D”.  I had an interesting thing happen in June.  My former boss(es) used my own words against me, and on trumped-up charges, FIRED me from an utterly soul-sucking job which was destined to kill me anyway — a FAVOR, actually.  I’m an aspiring scribe, and plan on using my experiences in one form or another — to immortalize these small little ass-kissers, liars and cowards for who and what I saw them as.  Since those days, I have dropped nearly 40 lbs and have started a successful bakery with my wife (an endeavor two-and-a-half years in the planning and making).  We are financially strapped — I am currently looking for work since losing my original hellish excuse for employment some months ago.  We are being bombarded by bills… having utilities shut off periodically… losing out whenever health-care is needed (thanks to outrageous benefits, made available to bankrupt any honest American).  But through it all, we are barely making it, and proud of our dreams and our tenacity to make those dreams a reality NO MATTER WHAT.

So I leave you — YOU FELLOW BLOGGERS — with another slice of truth, for whatever it’s worth (perhaps nothing at all).  Despite our current leadership in Washington and the percent of so-called “Americans” who voted them into power (God save us all), I wish you and yours a Very Merry Christmas.

~Papa D.